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Interview Questions

What is the latest revolutionary finding to be accepted by mainstream brain scientists?

The most important brain cells may not be neurons, which are the ones that generate electrical current. Glial cells outnumber neurons by ten to one, but they were thought to only play the supporting role reflected in their name, which means “glue.”  They actually have many functions: They sense neuronal input, create calcium waves that influence brain function, fuse themselves to each other, wrap around more than a million connections between neurons, and have over 100 times more connectivity than most neurons.

Glial cells also play a role in pruning synapses to sculpt the brain during learning. Rats raised in stimulus-rich environments develop more glial cells per neuron than rats that aren’t, and Einstein’s brain had more glial cells than average. All of this suggests that they play a far more significant role than we ever imagined.

What research are you currently involved in?

There are some children with autistic savant syndrome who have reportedly demonstrated the ability to predict the future and read minds. I am evaluating and documenting controlled experiments with them. Preliminary results are very encouraging. We will also be doing brain mapping of these abilities with qEEG.

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Almost 30-50 per cent of people say they have experienced some kind of psychic experience. So why are these experiences still denied and ignored by so many?

It requires a major shift in one’s view of reality to accept these phenomena as real. Many people are fearful of things they don’t understand.  I have received emails from people who never had psychic experiences before reading my book, but now they do. People limit their experiences by what they think is possible.  Skeptics don’t usually familiarize themselves with the abundant scientific data.  Instead, they read a few publications and dismiss the data for not being extraordinary enough, or for being anecdotal.  It also hurts the credibility of this field that there are some “psychics” who scam the public for monetary gain.

Do you believe science will ever develop to the point where we could fully understand human consciousness?

No. We already have a much fuller understanding than we did when I started forty years ago, but it would be unrealistic to ever think that this goal is attainable, and is counterproductive to believe it has been achieved. We know this from history. Scientists believed they had a full comprehension of physics before Einstein.

Other Questions

  • Which savant skills challenge standard neuroscience?
  • What is the difference between a genius and a savant?
  • What is Acquired Savant Syndrome?
  • How far back in history do accounts of savants go?
  • Who are/were some of the most famous savants and what could they do?
  • What is your theory for understanding savant skills?
  • Why do so many savants become calendar calculators and develop an interest in prime numbers?
  • Recently there have been discussions about people recovering from autism. What can you tell us about that?
  • What do you think consciousness is and why?
  • What is the “mind-body connection”?
  • What is the mainstream model for memory and why is it insufficient?
  • Where are memories and other information stored?
  • Are you concerned about the current research on biochip implants for people’s brains?
  • How did you become interested in twins?
  • How did you become interested in telepathy?
  • What you think of the research on twins who were separated at birth and later reunited?
  • Why do some people experience a more telepathic connection than others?
  • In your book , The ESP Enigma, you propose that there are  specific  patterns of  brain  activity associated with increased abilities, such as telepathy.

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