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Psychotherapeutic, Spiritual, 

Professional and educational

I offer three types of retreats 

For groups of up to eight individuals.

You might be meeting each other for the first time, or already know each other, such as being family members or coworkers.

Groups can choose to sign up to meet once, quarterly, or monthly.



As scary as groups might sound to some, a community setting has therapeutic value. Many of you have anxiety just being around others, or need to work on interpersonal skills. If you have felt alone, you might also benefit from meeting others who have walked along a similar path, and teens particularly learn best from each other.

All psychotherapeutic retreats are led by myself and/or another carefully selected, and highly experienced, clinician. We will facilitate group discussions and activities to take you on a transformative journey, helping you to discover who you are, find your strengths, address insecurities, and solidify your therapeutic gains. Some retreats will offer brain mapping, a high-tech functional analysis of your brain that can show you which parts of your brain are over and underactive, and provides a baseline for neurofeedback training.

Psychotherapeutic retreats

Spiritual retreats



Many of us have had experiences that either heightened our spirituality, or brought it into serious question. Either way, we can benefit from discussion in an open and inspirational setting. We can look deep into the macro and micro worlds, and see how science is now confirming centuries of teachings in wisdom traditions. Meditation, yoga, dance, and rituals are also used as aids to access the divine within and around us.




We can all benefit from networking and the exchange of ideas. These retreats are centered around either topics or projects, bringing together health professionals, writers, visionaries, humanitarians, and philanthropists.

Professional and educational retreats