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Dr Diane‘s 

Excellence for Autism Project


Children born today are increasingly more likely to develop a disorder that will be diagnosed as autism.

The incidence has increased by as much as 20,000 percent in some populations since I began studying autism thirty years ago with Sir Michael Rutter.

Countless parents are frustrated by the inability of medical centers to keep pace with demand.

The latest scientific findings point to ways we can more effectively treat and manage their medical symptoms and behavior.

The best way to meet this expanding need for medical and educational services is to adopt evidence-based treatment sooner, rather than later.

The Excellence for Autism Project is a visionary solution in which both parents and doctors play a part.

Dr. Diane is helping to promote  awareness and clarity about the path to recovery.

Pioneering parents, like Marcia Hinds, were among the first wave trying to patch together solutions.
They’ve learned how to teach their children to function in a world completely alien to them.

Her book, “I Know You’re in There: Winning Our War Against Autism,” 

  • Tells her son’s journey
  • From being told he’d end up in an institution, Ryan became a successful aerospace engineer with few remaining symptoms or signs of autism. 

Marcia has been working diligently on behalf of children like her son 

towards the creation of Centers of Excellence throughout the states.

Besides myself, she has recruited a team of scientific experts and doctors from USC KECK, UCSF, and other academic institutions.

We are acting as advisors and leaders to create a network of Centers of Excellence. Some already exist at major teaching hospitals, but we need far more.

Dr. Diane is helping to develop evidence-based protocols for treating autism using clinical assessment and brain mapping before and after innovative treatments.